Support Local ethos

How you can do this in your area and why you should do it

Tips on support local and things you can do:

Join local networking clubs- this will give you direct access to local business owners and community events and give you an insight of how business work in your areas. Don’t go in hard selling but do proactively ask all members for meetings to learn more about each other businesses. These meeting are key in making networking  work properly and will lead you to other opportunities in your local area.

Get a local charity and offer to do an event for them. This will give you something productive and worthwhile for your business to be involved with and will also give you exposure before, during and after the event. You can also ask the charity if you can put them as a charity partner on your website as you are doing fund raising for them.

Think about starting your own support local campaign where you share peoples networks and promote each other’s businesses

Why you should do it

  • Exposure- keeping it local gains exposure for your business quickly and effectively across multiple businesses in a concentrated area.
  • Environmental- less driving and travelling= keeping it local means less pollution
  • Cost- Less driving and travelling also means less money spent on long unnecessary journeys and more time in each day to fit in more meetings and be more productive
  • Scope- I live in a predominantly rural area with small Cities in each of the 2 counties and there are more than enough businesses in the area to never have to leave the county- win win!
  • Brand awareness- it’s much easier to get your name out there in a small concentrated areas then across the whole of the UK – simples!


In short SME’s account for nearly 70% of our economy and without them the UK would  not be where it is today. Do your bit and it will pay back dividends and you will also get to enjoy your local business  community.