Private cloud

what is it and why should you have it?

Private cloud is essentially storing your data off site in a data center on the data centers servers but not sharing the space that you have with other people.


The server space is available to only you. With Public cloud this ‘space’ is shared- whereas private it is your and yours only. Private cloud is much like storing the data on your own server at your premises only better.


Why should you have Private cloud?


Private cloud is secure reliable, cost effective and brings you unlimited growth potential. Unlike public cloud it is not shared and with our offering we have had no downtime meaning you know your services will work on time, every time. Many public cloud platforms have been down for significant periods of time as seen in the news and this brings down everyone in the network because everyone is on the same platform. This is why every business can benefit from private cloud for their hosting and support.

Want to know how your business or organisation can benefit from Private Cloud?