Hosted Private Cloud

A private cloud is a cloud that only one organization can access. Private clouds offer the benefits of cloud computing without the perceived security risks of a public cloud. We have invested significantly into ensuring we can offer a secure yet expandable space for our client to use which offers cost and time savings

All our solutions are delivered from the 2c Services state of the art data centre which is fast and secure and 2c monitor and maintain the server 24/7 and backup daily for peace of mind that you won’t lose a thing.


Our Hosting solutions deliver a dedicated and secure infrastructure exactly as if you had an onsite server. Your data is completely safe with disaster recovery in mind, meaning that if there was a disaster or outage, you can carry on regardless. You can run any type of software or operating systems you may require for the tasks in mind. Whether it’s trying out new software or fully-fledged applications. You will only pay for what you need, weather you need to increase your resources to cater for more staff or downgrade, neither is a problem that is more than a few clicks away.